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Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

An Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), of 6-8 weeks duration, aims at training the S&T graduates and the diploma holders in the essentials of conceiving, planning, initiating and launching an economic activity or an enterprise successfully.

The programme content includes class room training on essentials of entrepreneurship survey of the prevalent socio - economic scenario, identification of business opportunities, role and function as well as schemes of assistance offered by various constituents of the support system, preparation of a technically feasible and economically viable project report, Achievement Motivation Training and also the nuances of management of an enterprise. Sessions on technology and finance are also arranged, depending upon the nature of project selected.

Special EDPs are being conducted with more emphasis on linkages with R&D institutions to take up projects based on indigenous technologies and services, in the area of high technology, such as leather, plastics, bio-medical equipment, high speed data communication and other emerging areas of technology.

For example, a programme has been undertaken in collaboration with the Institute of Plasma Research, Ahmedabad, for setting up plasma technology-based enterprises.
The Programme and training in technology-related aspects

The project proposals for special EDPs can be submitted by an R&D institution or specialised training institution in entrepreneurship development. In either case the involvement of the other group is mandatory.

All EDPs are conducted by specialised institutions.

PV Solar Techno commercial Training

This course covers technical details needed to assess potential residential, commercial PV projects and to present accurate proposals. Discussed in detail: safety, site analysis, design, performance, costing, subsidy, financial-benefit analyses, financing options ...

Rooftop Solar Professionals 

Advanced Certificate in MW Solar Project


EV EVSE Business Management Course for Entrepreneurs

Outcome of this Techno Commercial course: Throughout this training session, AEVT bridges the needs of startups so that candidate can understand the technology from basic of EV to EVSE equipment like Lithium-ion battery, Battery pack assembly process, EV Motor, Charger, Charging station development and all others parts/ equipments calculation, selection, Building a Legal Foundation, Understanding Finance Basics, Business Planning and Fundraising. It equips you with conceptual frameworks for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities, evaluating techno-commercial attractiveness for investment, and launching a new venture. The program is designed for Fresh Graduates, Managers, Engineers
AEVT provide after training support for startups from planing to production.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Design, Installation

Online Virtual class on EV Charging Station Designs, planing, costing, ROI, vendor selection and serves as a starting point for EV charging installation projects. Case study of EV charging station business model.


EV Battery pack assembly line

Today's battery systems are essential, complex and multi-functional modules in electric vehicles. From AEVT EV Battery Technology and assembly lines training, the vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers may quickly and easily implement their development ideas.

Techno-Commercial Feasibility Report for startups

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